Monday, February 2, 2009

ultimate fighting move kick to balls slowmo

This is a slowmo i made for one of my fans to show how awesome it was.


In this video I tell my fans that im back to making videos with my new camera and laptop.

having a piece of candy

This is video me my cousins I was the camera man we were bord so we made this video.

bradley0106 vlog 1

This is my first video blog were i tell people about my upcoming videos and show my nasty carpet off.

ultimate fighting move #1-kick to the balls

Me and my cousan were going to do a ultimate fighting move video were i was going to knee him in the head but he would not do it right so i got mad and kicked him in the balls as hard as I could.

bird calls

In this video I show my awesome bird calls to the youtubers.

my summary of thumper

This my summary of thumper my favorite dog I think this is worst one it was not very funny at all.

my summary-ashes #.2

In this summary i stalk my crappy cat ashes wich i think was my best summary of them all it had a few surprises in it that were just awesome.

my first summary.-brittney jr. #.1

This is my first summary i was bord one day and i just got the camera so I just stalked my cat for a bit and it turned out pretty good so I keep making more untill I ran out of animals.

omg i found a snake

This is my first video i put on youtube its me and my cousin messing around with the camera I was just running around the yard(bare foot) and we well found a snake it was small one but it sure scared my cousin he was the one screaming not me.